004 [Banners to come] Take 2 Nakajima Yuto & Yamada Ryosuke


Nakajima Yuto (Hey! Say! JUMP)


Yamada Ryosuke (Hey! Say! JUMP)


Actually this is from Duet…

All the pictures were very nice, so I decided to post it here XD

enjoy *v*




003 [Banners to come] Take 1 Chinen Yuri

Posted On 07.22.2009

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Okamoto Keito(Hey! Say! JUMP)   Chinen Yuri(Hey! Say! JUMP)


Yamada Ryosuke(Hey! Say! JUMP)   Chinen Yuri(Hey! Say! JUMP)

002 More banners!

Nakayama Yuma

Nakayama Yuma (NYC Boys/ Nakayama w/ B.I. Shadow)

Kawaii no Yabu-kun to Yaotome-kun

Yabu Kota(Hey! Say! JUMP)   Yaotome Hikaru(Hey! Say! JUMP)


Yamada Ryosuke(Hey! Say! JUMP)   Inoo Kei(Hey! Say! JUMP)

001 Congratulations to NYC Boys

Congratulations for having 1st place in the Oricon Charts


Congratulations Nakayama-kun, Yamada-kun, Chinen-kun and B.I. Shadow. This is the banner I’ve made to wish them keep it up!

Not quite a very nice banner though…

Coming up next is a short PV of NYC and Akuma na Koi ^^

Chinen-kun…I bet his voice cracked around 2008 November. It’s nice though…

Yamada-kun!! Nice song…well expressed I think. XD

Nakayama-kun, I wonder why people here in Hong Kong dislike you so much, but I still support you! Nice voice

Everyone in B.I. Shadow : I really love Akuma na Koi. Really relaxing when hearing it. Thanks ^^